Midnight Perverts

The Midnight Perverts are/is only one guy, that being Miami acid house DJ Romeo Ugalde. The Arizona-born spinmeister is used to being part of a package, though. While living in Mexico, Ugalde was with the S.Junkes, a three-piece progressive house outfit. And in Miami he has plugged into the Dirty Gruv collective, operated by the ever-enthusiastic Igor Bogatov, who's been coordinating some great electronic music shows wherever they'll have him.

Musically, Ugalde is finding his way. The Perverts are/is his second solo project; previously he'd been producing and DJing under the moniker Revinant. "The fact that I'm so far away from my Mexican partners made me start a solo project," he says. "And my sound was changing — it wasn't as melodic as it used to be — so I decided to start from zero with a new alias."

Yep, everybody's gotta start somewhere, and for Ugalde that spells no formal record deal for now, although small labels based in Romania, Mexico, and Argentina have picked up a few of his tunes for compilations.

Like Bogatov, Ugalde sees an opportunity to make a difference locally. "I was disappointed with this year's Winter Music Conference," he says. "Music-wise, most of the minimal DJs were spinning the same tunes over and over. I respect minimal, but the exact same bass sounds and bleep-bloop the whole time — it just bored me. There's not much electronic music culture here or places that really support the underground, but Igor's doing a great job getting shows for the talent hidden in dark rooms all over Miami."

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Eric W. Saeger