Miami's Velvet Elvis on New Astronauts to Dippin' Dots EP and "Stripper Baby Daycare"

Who is Velvet Elvis? Local DJ-production duo Michael Briscoe and John Scott.

Their deep immersive techno sets have garnered a loyal cult following on the Miami afterhours scene. But no doubt, homeboys are about to blow up and reach a much wider international audience when their new EP drops on Kenneth James Gibson's Adjunct Audio label today.

"Velvet Elvis was developed at an afterhours, where we wanted to create this synergized experience between ourselves, as musical curators, and our patrons in the audience," Briscoe tells Crossfade.

"Shock value, combined with comedic shenanigans, and a magnanimous stage presence seem to draw in our audiences almost immediately. At the end of the day, we're offering a more cerebral perspective toward how one should enjoy oneself at a party."

Velvet Elvis's New Astronauts to Dippin' Dots EP is definitely thinking-man's techno. Subtle yet propulsive grooves and oceanically deep atmospheres mark numbers like "Moist Panties" and "State Side" featuring K.atou, and it's easy to see them for the kind of dance-floor fare you could completely lose yourself in at Space under the right psychotropic circumstances.

But then "Stripper Baby Daycare" and "Jazz Hands" startle and awaken the senses, alternating between classic acid house sequences and smoky jazz flavors. And the accompanying "Jazz Hands" remixes by Alland Byallo, Blakkat, and Miami's own Jonny Cruz offer harder-hitting interpretations.

"[Our writing process] is all based around the foundation of an unconventional groove in which we loop it for about 20 minutes," Michael explains. "Since we're both musicians, we then hit record and jam out on a selection of instruments until the foundation is created.

"What happens next is top secret. And for those who would like to know, I suggest you lock yourself in your room and experiment, rather than watching YouTube videos. Each one of our songs is unique and developed in the moment from which an idea is discussed and intuition takes over. At the end of the day, trust your ears!"

Pick up Velvet Elvis's new Astronauts to Dippin' Dots EP on Beatport today and support local techno.

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