Miami's Top Ten Jazz Musicians

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6. Jesse Jones Jr.

A Miami native, Jesse Jones Jr., along with his brother, Melton Mustafa, is Florida jazz royalty. A true entertainer, he is one of the most engaging musicians on the contemporary jazz scene, partly because of his background with the U.S. Navy's Show Band, with whom he performed as a musician, comedian, and dancer. That experience is still evident in his playing, which is full-bodied and filled with whimsy and mischief. A steady gigger, Jones can be found at clubs and theaters throughout South Florida all year round.

5. Melton Mustafa

One of the most versatile trumpeters in jazz today. Like his brother, the aforementioned Jesse Jones Jr., Melton Mustafa is a king of the scene. He is also an extremely hardworking, which is clearly a family trait. An educator and touring musician, Mustafa is the current director of jazz studies at Florida Memorial University. The school's annual jazz fest (named in his honor) is one of the best local showcases for international and local jazz talent.

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