Miami Rapper Stitches Says He Fought Cancer and Won

Just over a year ago we profiled the Miami-born-and-bred viral sensation known as Stitches. Despite hours in his company, the rapper remained an enigma. Conversations with his friends, his foes, and his relatives depicted an individual as mutable and vague as he was self-assured.

Though, whether his persona is genuine or not, his appeal was undeniable. Music blogs gushed over him. And people were fascinated by the face-tattooed kid from Kendall. To this day, our profile on Stitches continues to be one of our most-read articles. 

Since his hit “Brick in Yo Face" began tallying millions of views about a year ago, the purported drug lord-turnt-gangster rapper has continued to cause controversy and emerge unannounced in underground and popular music news feeds. Like when he abruptly left a show last year in September after offering coke to audience members and getting chewed out by his wife.

Or, more recently, when he released a diss track this year aimed at rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, whom Stitches claims to have snorted cocaine with and fornicated while she was still 17. 

@kinggoldchains your bitch old news. We releasing the track and music video today @inkmonstarr. And we have proof sucka

A video posted by TMI GANG #FUCKAJOB (@stitches) on

Or, even more recently, like when his provocations last month garnered a reply from none other than the beef master himself – The Game. Stitches questioned the legitimacy of Game’s affiliation with the Blood gang before posting a screenshot of a direct message between the two rappers. The Game claimed the direct message was faked but stooped nonetheless to reply on Instagram with a diss of his own.

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But all this sizzling beef has overshadowed what could potentially be the biggest piece of news to emerge about Stitches in the past year: that may be battling cancer. In April, the rapper released a freestyle titled “Fuck the Police” in which he closes with the lines:

And now I got cancer so just know I do not care/The next time that them pussy pigs run up they dying right there.

The next day @therealstitches began retweeting fan after fan wishing him the best and cancer the worst.

(To be sure, a handful of twitter handles claim to be the real Stitches, and though @therealstitches has the most followers we couldn’t verify the account with Stitches himself. Emails to Stitches requesting a comment also went unreturned.)

Some fans were furious at the disease.

Others were relentlessly optimistic.

And some were heartbroken.

About six months ago, Stitches took to Instagram to talk about his disease. In the description of one of his Instagrams of a photo that simply read "Fuck Cancer" he had this to say:

For everybody asking .Yes it is true I am having a few issues with my health.But ima always be good.Beleive that#fuckcancer #fuckajob #tmigang click the link in my bio to hear new song . When they diagnose you with this type of bullshit it makes you just stop giving a fuck about the pointless shit you usually care about like cars,jewls and all that other fancy shit don't matter when your gone . It's about family.#mykids#tmigang

But shortly after those messages were posted, Stitches had good news to share with his fans. 

"Nigga, I ain't got cancer no more!" he screams in the front seat of his car. "I took that shit out my neck. Stitches gonna live forever, man."

He then cuts to show two pills on his tongue, what his Instagram description indicates are Percocet, before adding, "And I'm driving faded!"

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