Miami Rapper Lex One Launches Phood Stamps, a New "Recession-Themed Party Celebrating Public Assistance"

Break out the EBT, homie.

'Cause tonight at Eve, Miami rapper and Get That Paper Son label boss Lex One will be launching Phood Stamps, a new party that he describes as a "recession-themed event celebrating public assistance." And "just like food stamps, this will be a monthly thing."

"It's no joke that this whole country is getting broke, including the party-goers," Lex raps. "So we hope to bring Miami a monthly event at a reasonable cost with amazing out-of-state and local talent."

But it ain't ironic, son. This party concept is rooted in real-life experience. "The last year, shit has been fucked up," Lex admits. "Paid gigs went from $90,000 a year to none, overnight. Royalty checks were getting lighter. Bills were getting harder to pay.

"And for the first time in my life, I was like, 'Damn, I need some help.' So I applied for food stamps and I was approved. Now I couldn't imagine life with out it."

"I used to be ashamed and embarrassed as fuck when I had to pull the card out. Now I'm proud as hell when I swipe that thing at Whole Foods," Lex laughs. "Yes, Whole Foods accepts EBT.

"Food stamps and government assistance is a new thing for me personally," he adds. "But most of my family growin' up was always on welfare. So it was a blessing. 'Cause people in need can get help when it's needed most.

And looking to spread that public-assistance wealth, Lex and the rest of the Phood Stamps crew plan to host a monthly battle rap contest. The grand prize: An EBT shopping spree. "Yeah, man, Why not let some MCs battle it out for food? Clearly, no one is eating off being a battle rapper. So now we're gonna change that."

Otherwise, this recession-themed rap party's gonna be all about real shit, good music like Lex's new mixtape Dude Where's My Car, and killer special guests like tonight's Jeru the Damaja.

"We don't want this to be another boring hip-hop show with a bunch of rappers grabbing their junk rapping over a backing track. We want it to be dope as fuck," Lex insists. "GTPS swag, ya know."

Phood Stamps with Jeru the Damaja, Lex One and Rob Riggs' Dude Where's My Car release party, Mike Beatz, Brian Breach, George Young, and others. Friday, June 29. Evem 1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. and admission costs $15 at the door. Ages 18 and up. Call 305-995-5050 or visit miamieve.com.

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