Miami Music Week 2017: The Best Things to Do Tuesday
Karli Evans

Miami Music Week 2017: The Best Things to Do Tuesday

Stock up on the energy drinks. It’s Miami Music Week, and, yes, it’s only Tuesday, but you have things to do.

For the next week, it will be nearly impossible not to trip over a MMW event, whether it’s downtown, the Beach, or the seedier places in between. Because there are so many choices, we’re crafting daily guides to some of the more interesting days and nights ahead.

Slap & Tickle Fifth Anniversary, Featuring Moon Boots at Bardot

Bardot celebrates five years of Slap & Tickle tonight with a man who’s had a hand in influencing the sound of the weekly event, Moon Boots. Originally held at Electric Pickle, Slap & Tickle has become a homegrown brand and a staple of the Miami dance scene. Moon Boots, meanwhile, exemplifies the sort of disco-and-R&B-infused, laidback grooves that make S&T one of the most consistent and popular nights in Miami.

Cosmic Gate, Morgan Page, and Paul Oakenfold at E11even Miami

E11even begins its foray into MMW 2017 strong with a lineup of guest DJs that hardly seems fitting of a Tuesday. Paul Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate, Morgan Page, and Savi will take their turns behind the tables for your average, run-of-the-mill evening of superstar DJs accompanied by aerialists and go-go dancers. You know, just another weeknight in sleepy Miami.

The Modern Love Affair, Featuring Damian Lazarus at Wall Miami

Not to be outdone by its comrades and competitors, Wall presents the latest installment of Miami’s longest-running night with Favela Beach by inviting a man who knows plenty about keeping the party going, Damian Lazarus. Tonight’s theme, the Modern Love Affair, brims with possibility, not the least of which is either falling in love on the dance floor or dancing until Wall closes at 5 a.m. because you’ve already been wooed by the music. Joining Lazarus at the $50 event will be Art Department, Bedouin, and Lauren Lane.

Scraping Teeth at Churchill’s Pub

MMW isn’t just for the bass heads and ravers. Sometimes it isn’t even for music as we know it. As is its wont, Churchill’s Pub is throwing up the biggest middle finger to the mainstream by starting this week of weeks with “the worst band in America,” Scraping Teeth. The venerable Miami group has a name that sounds uncomfortable and the music to match it. If this sounds like an absolute shit time, well, it might be, but on the bright side, the band “pays” everyone a dollar to see them by offering dollar coupons at the door, accepted at the bar for drink discounts.

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