Miami Heat Fans Attack Lil Wayne: "Nah, Meng! We Declare War on You! Go Home!"

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A warning: Don't fuck with the Heat. Unless you wanna get burned. And then chased outta town by a rabid mob of hard-core Dade County sports fanatics, led by a freakish orange-haired mascot with a miniature green basketball for a face.

Of course, Lil Wayne don't listen to nobody. So ever since getting tossed from last week's game between Miami and the Los Angeles Lakers, the Miami resident has waged an increasingly crazy war of words against King James, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, and the rest of the defending NBA champs.

And last night, Weezy's attack reached peak insanity at an All-Star weekend party in Houston. "Fuck LeBron! Fuck She-Wade!" the Young Money maniac blurted. "And, and, and, I fucked Chris Bosh wife!"

So far, there's been no official response from LeBron, Dwyane, Bosh, or the Heat organization. But the fans got a message ...

As Johnny Love says: "WEEZY GO HOME!"

UPDATE Chris Bosh's wife has snapped back at Lil Wayne via Twitter. "Pay no mind to the haters."

UPDATE #2 Weezy isn't banned from basketball. The NBA says it's "not true" that the Miami Heat got him blacklisted.

UPDATE #3 Lil Wayne has finally publicly discussed his war with the Miami Heat and he says: "I don't apologize."

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Echoing Mr. Love's sentiment, proud Heat supporter Tony Amp wonders:

And similarly baffled by Weezy's animosity toward his adopted hometown and its beloved b-ball squad, David Castaneda would like to remind the Young Money maniac of his home address.

But diehard Miami fan Paul Emeri isn't in a playful mood. He thinks Lil Wayne should immediately cease talking shit about the Heat. And quit rooting for luxury basketball brands like the Los Angeles Lakers, AKA the Louis Vuitton of the NBA. And just embrace the fact that he comes from a city that'll soon be cursed with the shittiest name in professional basketball.

If you ask Crossfade, it's way strange that a megafamous rapper like Lil Wayne would waste time waging war against a pro sports franchise. And even stranger that the centerpiece of his attack plan would be claims of having committed adultery with the No. 3 star's significant other.

So WTF is Weezy's problem? Well, Heat backer and insecurity expert Ivan Tellado chalks it up to a nasty case of Short Man syndrome.

Meanwhile, though, there are other 305-ers with zero interest in analyzing Weezy's overly aggressive or domineering social behavior. So just like 2 Live Crew and Uncle Luke (who's personally threatened to have Lil Wayne's Miami residency revoked), the homie George Hoover simply points out that Dade is a dangerous place for Heat haters.

Now ... All together now.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.