Miami DJ Josh LeCash Takes on Tacos, Mexican Tweens, and Katy Perry

Miami isn't a city in need of superstar DJs.

On any given night in any given nightclub, big-shot disc jocks flock to this Magic City for hot chicks, endless bottle service, and the best nightlife this side of Ibiza. So what's stopping a 24-year-old Florida native with model looks and boyish charm from taking over the indie DJ scene?

Not much. Especially when you're Josh LeCash, formerly known as Pocket Change, who just recently flew in on the red eye from spinning at the official launch of Katy Perry's new perfume Purr in Mexico City.

"It was pretty insane," says LeCash. Soon after the event, pictures of him signing autographs and taking photos with screaming Mexican tweens flooded the internet.  "They all thought I was some big celebrity. It was hilarious."

Aside from the papparazzis and the screaming mob scenes, LeCash was concerned with only other thing in Mexico City. "Well, we were there for just one day and I was on this hunt for the world's best taco!"  And was his mission successful?  "Oh man! It was the best ever!  My first taco with cactus! Unbelievable." 

See some of LeCash's latest adventures as an international DJ in the cute video below that he shot and edited personally. Expect a lot more of these as he is now the official DJ for all of Katy Perry's perfume launches, including several European spots and even a trip down under next month. Not bad for a kid who just started DJing only two years ago. 

"It was funny how I got started," remembers LeCash. "I've always been a fan of music, mostly indie bands like Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party. Miami's great for that. I think we have, like, the best open format DJs down here and I was just inspired to try it out."

After his older brother's failed attempt at DJing house music, LeCash inherited two turntables and a mixer.  "It was free gear.  I couldn't turn it down."  He took some fast-track courses and soon found himself DJing at some of the hottest indie nights, from Poplife to Coco De Ville.

"I have to admit that I've been really lucky," LeCash says. "I have some great friends and positive people that support what I do. It's been definitely a learning experience. But I know that I want to do more than just DJ." 

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