Miami Chum Bucket Relocates Perdition and Crazy Spirit Show to Churchill's Pub

DIY punk venue Miami Chum Bucket recently had a run-in with John Law and it's now on hiatus.

The venue had a lot of shows booked in the next couple of months, and its uncertain status is a definite downer for a scene that has recently experienced a swell in interest and support for indie punk.

On the upside, it seems like Thee Chum Bucketiers have been able to reschedule their showcases at other venues, lineups perfectly intact.

While many swear by the physical venue's "by punks, for punks" infrastructure (consensus meetings, volunteer staff) and services (show/practice space, distro, centralized clubhouse), punk and hardcore aficionados also laud the Bucket's curatorial prowess. Just take next Saturday's show: A lineup with five acts, three of which are from out of town and two of which are from out of state? Most excellent.

Perdition and Crazy Spirit are a pair of bands spawned from the NYC punk scene revolving around the ABC No Rio collective. Perdition delivers an efficient one-two punch of crunching, barking, studs-and-butt-flaps crust punk, while Crazy Spirit serves up a more ambitious amalgamation of raw hardcore speed and production, alongside clever pop-punk melodies, which often manifest in the vocalists cartoonishly snotty vocals.

Figure in Florida d-beat kings, Mauser, alongside Chum Bucket staples Eztorbo and Guerrilleros De Nadie and this show is ground zero for a punk in South Florida trying to keep shit real.

Perdition and Crazy Spirit with Mauser, Eztorbo, and Guerrilleros De Nadie, presented by Miami Chum Bucket. Saturday, May 28. Churchill's Pub (Back Patio), 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and admission costs $6. Visit miamichumbucket.com.

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