Miami Chum Bucket grand opening March 26

What is Miami Chum Bucket, and what is it doing in Allapattah? It's house punks, skaters, workers, drifters, schoolies, and grads. It's dropouts, misfits, fuckups, uglies, and normals. It's players, haters, riders, and sliders. It's secretaries, architects, assistant managers, and thugs. It's lovers, fighters, rockers, bros, and cholas. It's faster, harder, and stronger than ever.

The Miami punk scene finally has a new hangout, and everybody is invited. Disrespect it, though, and you'll catch a boot to the face. Celebrate this great day in local history with Guerrilleros de Nadie, Baker Acted, Gorilla Pussy, Eztorbo, and the Panix.

If you were to combine the amount of time these bands have been playing, you'd probably have around 22 years of collective hardcore experience. We could waste your time comparing them to groups like Warzone, Agnostic Front, the Gorilla Biscuits, Wasted Youth, Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Black Flag, and Bad Brains. But most of those bands are dead. Now is the time for a new generation to stand up, play hard, and shred till muscles hurt, fingers bleed, and heads pound.

One day, the kids who show up for the grand opening of Miami Chum Bucket will start their own bands, venues, distros, and labels. We can't wait.

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Jacob Katel
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