Mexican Band Timothy Brownie on Magic Brownies and Its Miami Mini-Tour

Live shows are meant to be fun. Unless, of course, you happen to fall prey to a Yanni set. But a fun live performance and full-tilt celebration aren't necessarily the same thing. The band Timothy Brownie understands this essential truth. And the benevolent spirit, who lent the band members his patronage and name, knows it too.

"Rather than playing live, what we do is a ritual in which everyone is in communion through the magic brownies that we deliver from the teacher, Timothy Brownie," explains drummer Uriel del Toro. "It's more a ritual, a dance, a delight, a celebration."

Wait ... What?

Not to worry. Your confusion is understandable. We were a bit taken aback by all of that at first too. Until del Toro more clearly explained.

"We're four friends who were summoned by the spirit of the great maestro Timothy Brownie, and we are the interpreters of his recipes," he says.

Perhaps this talk of magnanimous spirits makes you think that the band's been eating too many magic brownies themselves. Or perhaps not. Who can say?

If the band's actual history helps you any, here goes. Del Toro met guitarist and theremin player Andres Cruz in Uruguay and the two began playing music together to see what would come of it. They were soon joined by percussionist and keyboardist Gonzalo Sandoval and bassist Mariano Lanus. Later, sax man Javier "Chapa" Cavacini came into the fold, "And that's where the recipes began to be created," he concludes.

"We were convened by Timothy Brownie," del Toro further explains. "Some in a dream, others on a trip, others in the climax of an orgasm."

"But obviously," he amends mischievously, "when Timothy Brownie comes to you in the midst of an orgasm, it's not the nicest experience. That's what happened to Gonzalo [Sandoval]."

"It was really tough," Sandoval admits. "I didn't know how to react. We had to finish making love between the three of us, but we created an orgasmic melody. And that was when he directed me to Uriel and Andres."

Timothy Brownie--the band, not the spirit--are based in Mexico, though only del Toro, who is also a model, is actually Mexican-born. The rest of the members hail from parts of Argentina. And the great maestro...well, he's sidereal.

But you might be wondering just what music inspired from far off planes sounds like. Well, Timothy Brownie call it Electro-Disco Rooftop Funk with Latin Rhythm. And if that only leaves you with more questions, fear not. Del Toro offers yet more answers, likening the band's evolution to the birth of an organism.

"The first stage of Timothy Brownie was like conception," he says, "when the sperm met the egg, and that was called 'Organic Music with Electronic Feeling.' There was an electro feel, but we created using organic instrumentation."

"In the stage where we find ourselves now," he continues, "we're like young children who've learned to speak. This is called 'Electro-Disco Rooftop Funk with Latin Rhythm."

Because the rooftop of the building where Uriel lives is where the band convenes to play, and receive inspiration from the grand master Timothy Brownie.

Perhaps you're still thinking about those magic brownies though, wondering whether or not they'll actually be passing those out. Indeed.

"We know that the teacher has followers throughout the world," del Toro says. "So we know he'll put us in touch with a good pastry chef in Miami to help the cause."

Now, whether or not they're those type of magic brownies remains to be seen. But Timothy Brownie promise to pull no punches.

"It's the first time we take our music out of Mexico," says del Toro, "which for us is huge. And besides, Miami is a Mecca of Latin music and art, and all the different disciplines of art, right?"

Timothy Brownie. Saturday, August 13. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, 2550 NW Second Ave., Miami. Call 305-772-8959 or visit wynwoodkitchenandbar.com.

Wednesday, August 17. Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Call 305-576-7750 or visit bardotmiami.com.

Thursday, August 18. PAX, 337 SW Eighth St., Miami. Call 305-640-5847 or visit paxmiami.com.

Friday, August 19. The Stage, 170 NE 38th St., Miami. Call 305-576-9577 or visit thestagemiami.com.

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