Metronomy Bring a Touch of English Class to Ultra Music Festival 2012

As the sun was setting, we looked around Bayfront Park's Klipsch Amphitheater. And we got a little worried.

It was only fifteen minutes till Metronomy was set to play Ultra Music Festival and the Live Stage area was looking pretty bare.

We sat there, hoping attendees could peel themselves away from the Main Stage to catch the British band, whose 2011 breakthrough, The English Riviera, is a gorgeous electropop and New Wave offering.

By the time the band took the stage, the pit and surrounding seats had started to fill up. Kicking off with "Some Written," a slower track off Riviera, Metronomy introduced Ultra crowds to its very English sensibility, which is quite charming if you ask us.

Yes, the song was a bit of a odd choice to begin a set at a festival where heavy beats are king. But for a minute (or five), it was nice not feeling totally overwhelmed by BPMs.

Of course, the band didn't plan on staying quiet throughout its entire performance. And soon, danceable, Ultra-appropriate songs like "The Bay" and "Love Underlined" were played, getting everyone to move to the music and calling the stragglers around the amphitheater to join them. In particular, "The Bay" was an apt soundtrack for this subtropical scene, almost seeming to be about our American Riviera, AKA Miami.

"Because this isn't Paris/And this isn't London/And it's not Berlin/And it's not Hong Kong/Not Tokyo/If you want to go/I'll take you back one day."

Alas, though, "The Bay" refers to Torbay, England, AKA the English Riviera. And moreover, Metronomy's members admitted mid-set that this was their very first time in Miami.

By the time the band kicked into "The End Of You Too," a dance-punk instrumental, canons were shooting out smoke and fire, catching Metronomy off guard.

"Nothing more shocking than pyrotechnics that you don't know are about to happen," joked frontman Joseph Mount. "[Bassist] Gbenga almost got burned."

But c'mon, what's a show without a little fire?

Metronomy's Setlist

-"Some Written"
-"The Bay"
-"Love Underlined"
-"She Wants"
-"Everything Goes My Way"
-"The End Of You Too"
-"A Thing For Me"
-"The Look"

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