Art Basel Miami Beach

Metric Headlines Art Basel's Week of Free Beach Parties December 1

See photos and video from Metric's Art Basel Miami Beach show.

You know, world-famous art is kinda cool. But free beach parties are even cooler. And this year's Art Basel Miami Beach is again throwing a big, weeklong bash at Collins Park's Oceanfront pavilion, all masterminded by arty nonprofit Creative Time.

There will be booze, food, and Toronto indie poppers Metric. That's right ... Vampy babe Emily Haines and her three dudes are set to headline the opening Art Loves Music concert December 1. Expect twitchy dance moves and that Twilight tune.

See the cut for Oceanfront's full four-day music schedule.

Art Basel Miami Beach Oceanfront Music Schedule

Wednesday, December 1

In partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

6 p.m. Happy hour with music from Detroit

9 p.m. Live DJ set with Scott Z of Macho City and

DJ Dez of Slum Village

10 p.m. Art Loves Music, concert on the beach, featuring Canada's Metric

11 p.m. 'Enter the Darkness,' with 'Danjee Flesh Nation': Jennifer Price, Jimbo Easter, Brett Lee Pickins, Ami Seal, and Noah Eikoff (music performance)

Thursday, December 2

In partnership with Museo Tamayo Mexico City

6 p.m. Happy hour with music from Mexico City

8:30 p.m. 'Volume': Live concert by El Resplandor

9:30 p.m. 'Volume': Live concert byPellejos

10:30 p.m. Live DJ set by Torolab's Raúl Cárdenas

Friday, December 3

In partnership with 032c

6 p.m. Happy hour with music from Berlin

10 p.m. Live DJ set with Broken Hearts Club

Saturday, December 4

In partnership with Tramway

6 p.m. Happy Hour with Torsten Laushmann

10:30 p.m. Martin Creed and his band

11:15 p.m. Pro Vinylist Karim (PVK) DJ Set

Metric as part of the Art Loves Music concert. Wednesday, December 1. Collins Park, between 21st and 22nd St., Miami Beach. The show starts at 10 p.m. and admission is free.

Oceanfront Pavilion with food, booze, and music. Wednesday, December 1 to 4. Collins Park, between 21st and 22nd St., Miami Beach. The beach party starts at 6 p.m. and ends at midnight each day, and admission is free. Visit

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