Memorial Day Weekend 2010 Interview With Cali Stylz From Danjahandz's NARS Records


 STUCK ON MY FULLTIME 5-24-10 from cali stylz on Vimeo.

Nobody does Memorial Day Weekend like Dade County. But, where it used to be just South Beach that saw all the action, this year more than ever the mainland will be a major part of the festivities. From the Best Of The Best concert at Bicentennial Park this Sunday to parties at the surrounding clubs like Nocturnal, Mekka, and everything on the 11th Street Corridor, DWNTWN will be wyling out extra heavy this year.

We spoke to Virginia-based rapper Cali Stylz about his plans for the weekend as an out-of-town rapper here to network and party. He's signed to superproducer Danjahandz's label NARS Records, and is collaborating heavily with a producer out of Hungary, of all places. Hit the jump to see what Cali had to say. 

Crossfade: What's your connection to Miami?

Cali Stylz: My producer Danja Handz, who I'm signed to, moved to Miami in 2003 to work with Timbaland. He bought a house and we're building a studio. I've been going since 2003. Aldo Mottolese is there too; he's my manager and he's a strong connection I have in Miami as well.
What's up with Memorial Weekend. You ready?

Yes sir, we're gon' be in full effect getting it in. Flying in Friday, we're supposed to hit up Nocturnal for the Young Money Cash Money party hosted by Ozone magazine. Then Saturday with my homie Kevin Cossum, he's a Grammy nominee -- he wrote "Love Knocks You Down" for Keri Hilson -- over at Skyline Lounge hosted by a video vixen. It's gonna be my first time going to Bicentennial. We going for Best of The Best, gon' check everybody out see what's going on. That's gonna be exciting.
Any shout-outs?

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Yeah, NARS Records, Danjahandz.... Marcella Lago a.k.a. the Incredible Lago, she's from Miami; she just won some ASCAP awards for Pink's album. Luke James, Wyld Money, Kevin Cossum and y'know Aldo Mottolese cause he holds me down. Check out our music, NARS is on the rise bro.

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