Meet Marlon Alarm, Miami's Asexual Blonde Pop Bombshell

Forget Gaga, Katy Perry, and all those other hot pop bimbos. We here at Crossfade have just discovered a totally local blonde bombshell named Marlon Alarm.

We came across the self-described "singer/songwriter/artist" just as he was heading down down a random backalley in Little Havana to get stuffed into an empty trash can by some street tough, who seemed to have been specifically hired for the task.

Of course, we asked questions. But the pop diva insisted on explaining himself in the form of a music video, "Double Diamond." So see the cut for the very "tra$hy" vid, plus some answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions about Mr. Marlon Alarm.

Marlon Alarm's FAQ

Source: marlonalarm.tumblr.com/faq

Is Alarm really your last name?

Not legally.

Are you gay?

No, I identify as being asexual.

Will you sing on my song/collaborate?

Most likely, although it depends on the music - and you! Don't be shy though; message or e-mail me (marlonalarm@hotmail.com).

How did you learn how to sing?

I'm self-taught, but I owe a lot to the internet. There's so many resources, and they're so varied. It's helped me out much more than mediocre in-school choir classes. And of course, practice, practice, practice!

Where do you shop?

Online, for the most part. Also, thrift stores, Forever 21, and others.

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