Beach Day's Kim, Nat, and Skylar.
Beach Day's Kim, Nat, and Skylar.
Photo by Ben Guzman

Meet Beach Day, a Surf Rock Three-Piece from Hollyweird

Earlier this week, Crossfade met up with Kim, Nat, and Skylar of local band Beach Day on the set of their promotional photo shoot.

The three-piece's sound is mellow '60s surf rock, and these girls and their guy have been spreading laid-back tunes all over town with multiple shows at cool low-key venues.

We chatted with them about girl groups, life in Hollyweird, and describing themselves in one word or less.

Crossfade: Introduce yourselves and tell us what instruments you play.

Kim: I'm Kim and I'm the singer and guitarist.

Skylar: I'm Skylar and I play drums.

Nat: I'm Nat and I play Bass.

So how did Beach Day come about?

Beach Day came about five months ago. It's a new project. But we've been playing together forever. We met at a show, actually. We were in separate bands, all three of us. So we met and ... [Laughs] ... I dunno, it just happened. We just started playing together and did our own thing for a little bit and realized we just wanted to keep playing together.

So those other three bands fell by the wayside?

[Laughs] I'm not sure I wanna answer that one. They didn't fall to the wayside. I guess it's just kind of a different outlet for all of us. It's just a different project that's super fun. No restrictions, just a free-for-all.

And what musicians inspire you all?

Kim: I'm inspired by The Shangri-Las a lot. I'm inspired by The Ventures guitar style and drum style. I love their sound. I guess modern stuff would be The Vivian Girls and Best Coast and bands like that.

Skylar: Yeah, mine are similar. I think it was The Ventures mixed with garage bands like The Sonics that kind of made it come together for me.

Nat: I'm really into the '60s girl band movement like The Like and The Ettes.

Tell me what is coming up for Beach Day? Where will you guys be playing next?

We have a lot of shows coming up through the end of December. On Thursday, December 15, we're playing at the Speakeasy Lounge in Lake Worth, then that night we'll be playing at Sapphic Thursday at Propaganda. Then we'll be playing in Tampa on Friday, December 16 at the Orbit 19 Lounge. And then Saturday, December 17, we'll be playing at the Holiday & Craft Festival at The Bubble.

Last question ... And it's a cheesy one. If you had to describe your band in a single word, what word would you choose?

Kim: Inspired

Skylar: Fun

Nat: The best! Wait ... That's two words. [Laughs]

-- Anaïs Alexandre

Beach Day as part of The Happy New Years Tour. Sunday, January 1. 164 NW 20th St., Miami.

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