MDC to Return to South Florida, at Churchill's on April 11

M.D.C., a.k.a. Millions of Dead Cops, a.k.a. Multi-Death Corporation, a.k.a. Millions of Dead Children, a.k.a. Millions of Dead Christians, a.k.a. Millions of Damn Christians, a.k.a. Magnus Dominus Corpus, a.k.a etc., etc., return to Miami on April 11. The hardcore punk originators hail, originally, from Austin, Texas (although now claim Portland by way of San Francisco), where they helped pioneer the state's punk scene along with the Big Boys and the Dicks

Despite losing bass player Mikey Donaldson in 2007, the leader of the pack, Dave Dictor, continues to soldier on. Look for hard, fast tracks, high energy, and super-political lyrics. Dictor gets extra street cred for going toe to toe with HR and company of Bad Brains on their super lame homophobic weirdness back in 1982.

Where else but Miami can you see punk legends on a two-foot-high stage with almost zero security and a total family vibe?

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