Maynard James Keenan's Five Favorite Adult Swim Moments

See Crossfade's review and slideshow of Puscifer in Miami -- plus Maynard James Keenan's suggested wine pairings for a meal of human face and "Puscifer Gets Weird at the Gusman on June 12."

When Maynard James Keenan isn't making music, wine, or recommendations to the epicurean cannibals of Miami, he's likely to be watching Adult Swim.

The Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman also heads up Puscifer, his hard-to-classify touring show mixing music, comedy, and film, coming the Gusman Center on June 12. Keenan (Maynard!) describes the tone of show to Crossfade as "somewhere between Raising Arizona, Gummo, and Adult Swim."

After the cut, enjoy five of Keenan's favorite Adult Swim moments.

Maynard: "I pay more attention to animation and film than I do to theater presentations and plays. Sketch comedy, too. The best is Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job.

"We don't even come close to their level of editing, but some of the characters we're developing are inspired by that world. But based in our valley.

"You've got to have Steve Brule on his wine tour. Obviously."

"All the Casey singing on local access. Anything involving Casey singing." 

"Any episode of Squidbillies. But the one where the hippies are trying to save the trees is the best. When the guy gets cut in half down the center, that's the best part."

"Frisky Dingo. For sure, Frisky Dingo." 

"Oh, and Metalocalypse! Definitely." 

Bonus: Here's Maynard singing in an episode of Tim & Eric.

Puscifer with Carina Round Tuesday, June 12. The Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, 174 E. Flagler St., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $32.50 to $46.50 plus fees. Call 305-372-0925 or visit

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