¡Mayday! Supports Juggalos and The Gathering: "We F$%#in' Love 'Em, They're True Fans"

Every day, ¡Mayday! and the Juggalo nation hack into the dark heart of America with axe blades made of music.

They chop into the rotten core of society, exposing the system as a lying, superficial, violent beast.

Then they sever all connection to it, let the blood run through the streets, and celebrate the victory with heavy bass.

So it's no surprise the two crews have found each other. And here's what ¡Mayday!'s Bernz and Plex have to say about being down with the Clown and wanting to play the Gathering of the Juggalos 2012.

Wasup with !Mayday! playing the Gathering of The Juggalos?

Bernz: I would say that some of our fans are trying to get us on, and a lot of people are asking about it. Our fanbase is really spread out. We're just waiting to get invited. We'll play anywhere where they'll have us.

Plex Luthor: I say put us on and watch us eat some face.

Bernz: We fuckin' love em. The Juggalos are like true fans know what I mean? You don't see a group of people that bind together like a family and support each other and the acts they like too often like that. They'll follow us for like two or three shows on like some Grateful Dead shit.

Bernz: The perception is different from the reality. It's easy to look from the outside and get a vibe of the Juggalos as a group. But at the shows, they're really cool, family-oriented, like good music, and have a good time. We get a lot of love from the family and we've got a good vibe with them.

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