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¡Mayday! Preps for the Apocalypse: "Party With Zombies Till Bodies Hit the Barricade"

Has the apocalypse been averted? Or are the end days still upon us?

The Mayans' calculations may have been a lil' off. But Miami hip-hop crew ¡Mayday! remains convinced that the Armageddon is imminent. Specifically, a rotting plague of walking corpses hungry for human flesh.

And the ¡Mayday! plan for survival: "Party with the zombies till the bodies hit the barricade."

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Gettin' ready for this apparently inevitable undead rager, the whole crew -- Wrekonize, Bernz, Plex Luthor, Gianni Cash, Lt. Hopkins, and Nonymous -- has hooked up with host DJ Green Lantern to put together a 25-track, 78-minute "Apocalypse soundtrack."

It's a mixtape titled Smash and Grab, presented by Strange Music and Monster Energy Drink, just loaded with hyperactive, red-eyed musical mayhem co-starring Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, SpaceGhostPurrp, and other hard-core preppers.

¡Mayday!'s Smash and Grab Tracklist

1. "12/21/21" (Intro)

2. "New Chapter" (Skit)

3. "Smash and Grab"

4. "TNT (Remix)" (Featuring Black Thught,Stevie Stone,Jay Rock, Jon Connor, and Dj Khaled)

5. "The Barricade"

6. "Roaches" (Remix) (Featuring Cyhi Da Prynce and Spaceghostpurrp)

7. "Wind Up Radio" (Skit)

8. "Sinister Kids" (Featuring The Black Keys)

9. "Highs & Lows" (Rmx) (Featuring Freeway and J. Nics)

10. "Doomsday Sermon" (Featuring Thirstin Howl III)

11. "Dollar General" (¡MAYDAY! Remix) (Featuring Stevie Stone and Yelawolf)

12. "Hands On The Wheel"

13. "We Gotta Survive" (Skit)

14. "Death March" (Remix) (Featuring Pharaohe Monch and Stat Quo)

15. "Gorilla Stranglehold"

16. "Internal Wars" (Featuring M1 of Dead Prez and Reks)

17. "Found It Out" (Skit)

18. "Feel It All Around" (Featuring Washed Out)

19. "Shaman Shit" (Featuring Anjuli Stars)

20. "Thanksgiving" (¡MAYDAY! Remix) (Featuring Kendrick Lamar and Blood Type)

21. "The Proposition" (Skit)

22. "Blood Money" (Featuring J. Nics)

23. "Afraid Of The Dark" (Featuring Grafh)

24. "Drive Blind"

25. "Believers" (Outro)

Also, because ¡Mayday! (despite digging zombie parties) truly believes in the ultimate perpetuation of mankind, this shit's free.

Moreover, Wrek, Bernz, and the rest have just dropped the official vid for Smash and Grab's "The Barricade," basically an audio-visual document of life in the land (i.e. Miami) where brain-eaters on bath salts already roam the streets.

But yeah, don't worry ... "No zombies were hurt in the making of this video."

DOWNLOAD ¡Mayday!'s Smash and Grab Mixtape

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