Mayday at Grand Central August 31

The ¡Mayday! dudes have a message for Miami, and it's "Bitch, I'm back!"

Ever since joining the Strange Music army, these rap warriors have been patrolling the countryside on a road war for the musical soul of America.

The heavy touring has paid off. Both the crew's latest album, Take Me to Your Leader, and the follow-up EP, Thrift Store Halos, are moving units worldwide. And this Friday, ¡Mayday! will celebrate its return to the MIA with an action-packed show at Grand Central. So we caught up with Bernz, Wrekonize, Plex Luthor, Gianni Cash, Lt. Hopkins, and Nonymous at their new HQ — Daniel Wills's Armory Studios in Wynwood — to see what they had to say. But they just couldn't think of anything besides "Bitch, I'm back!"

Thanks to playing 90 shows in 99 days, though, the band is sharper than a Zulu spear. So they're guaranteed to drop an explosive set at GC, alongside Tech N9ne, Flawless, Stevie Stone, and DJs Affect, Craze, Entice, and Sharpsound. In the meantime, though, those ¡Mayday! dudes are recording, and driving their new 15-passenger custom touring van around the city. And they won't stop screaming, "Bitch, I'm back," from every open window.

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Jacob Katel
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