Maya Jane Coles at the Electric Pickle April 14

There are musical prodigies, and there are musical prodigies. And then there's Maya Jane Coles.

In 2010, it was virtually impossible to hear a DJ set anywhere on the planet without getting an earful of Coles's luscious, seductive "What They Say." Even the term breakout hit is a massive understatement — the track was charted by pretty much every international DJ of note last year and continues to earn obsessive fans worldwide.

Just don't call the 23-year-old London producer a one-hit wonder, because the prolific pace she keeps in the studio and the consistent quality of her releases put most seasoned EDM veterans to shame. And aside from her eponymous house output on labels such as Mobilee and Hypercolour, Coles also produces dubstep as Nocturnal Sunshine and more experimental vocal electronica as one-half of She Is Danger, with Lena Cullen. But above all, it's the precociousness of Coles's sound — a throwback to the sultry elegance of early-'90s house and UK garage — that distinguishes it from the rest of her generation.

This Thursday, Maya Jane Coles will make her American debut performance at the Electric Pickle, courtesy of SAFE. And because of her rapidly rising reputation, it's easily the most highly anticipated booking this side of WMC.

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Sean Levisman