Maxi Priest to Join UB40?

A couple of months ago, we reported that Ali Campbell, long-time lead singer of British reggae band UB40 was leaving the group. They'd been together for nearly 30 years as a band and losing their lead singer was a major blow for UB40. One that could have sent them all to retirement. Shortly after Campbell split, keyboardist Mickey virtue left due to creative differences as well. But retirement for the band is on hold as news from across the pond is suggesting that the group may bring on fellow British rocker, Maxi Priest to replace Campbell. I can't totally see Maxi singing "Red Red Wine" for a living, but he and Campbell do have sound similar and this could give UB40 the kick in the pants that they need to be a major recording force once again.

It's not totally confirmed yet, but Maxi's Wikipedia page already reflects that he's a member of UB40 as does their Wiki page. For whatever that's worth.

For more on the story, check it out here.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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