Massive Wednesdays Launching Live EDM at The Stage Miami With Beatmachines and EONS

Back in April, we here at Crossfade waxed enthusiastic about a growing breed of live acts redefining electronic dance music.

Well, one local who sees eye to eye with us on the virtues of live EDM is promoter Anders Scherberger. And that's exactly why he launched Massive Wednesdays at The Stage.

"I'm tired of all the boring DJs these days," Anders tells us. "There are so many artists out there incorporating live elements and I love to showcase that. This is my way of showing the electronic side of Miami's biggest acts and showing how real musicians are killing it live in the bass music genre."

Massive Wednesdays is also intent on defying the maligned stereotypes of bass music -- specifically dubstep.

"I've been really tired of the bass music scene in Miami for a long time now and this is sort of my reaction to it," says Anders. "Everyone has this impression of bass music as brostep and Skrillex, when really it can be beautiful!"

But don't just take Anders' word for it. Go check out just how differently Miami's local EDM talent is doing it for yourself this Wednesday.

"This week, we're showcasing the newest incarnation of Miami's legendary Afrobeta via their Beatmachines side project. I especially love this project because it's fully improvised," Anders enthuses. "Most people don't even know you can do that with electronic music. They incorporate a lot of guest musicians too, so it's a really cool representation of the local scene. I got EONS up as support to represent another side of Miami's music scene -- Johnny Deezal has been a mainstay in the local scene for a long time as well!"

And the choice of venue -- as in not a conventional dance club -- is no accident.

"I brought the night to The Stage, as opposed to a club, because I wanted everyone to be there for the music and nothing else," he explains. "When people walk in the door to one of my nights, I want them to feel welcomed and surrounded by like-minded people. It's in the middle of the week, so you can come out dressed however you want, no stress, and just dance to amazing music."

Massive Wednesdays. With Beatmachines, EONS, Skinny Hendrix, and Afro-Monk. Wednesday, January 8. The Stage, 170 NE 38th St., Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-576-9577 or visit

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Sean Levisman