Martin Solveig Wants Your Remixes! Hand Him a CD-R at Arkadia February 27

Like some kind of benevolent pied piper of international partydom, French electro-pop producer Martin Solveig (né Martin Picandet) bestowed last year's Dragonette collab "Hello" upon the world, luring everyone from disco refugees, degenerate club kids, and dirty hipsters to the dance floor like hypnotized rats.

And now Solveig wants to let you harness the power of his magic creation. Teaming up with online electronic music purveyor Beatport, he's inviting all wannabe studio geniuses to hack, slash, and mash "Hello" as part of an official remix contest.

Three winners will be selected by the piper himself. And the rewards are ridiculous: A release on Solveig's Mixture Records, a shit-ton of pro gear, Point Blank Music School courses, a $200 Beatport gift card, and other awesome swag.

The deadline is March 7. So pay your overdue wi-fi bill, download the raw "Hello" remix parts for $1.99 via Beatport, and then lock yourself in the bathroom till you've mastered the art of rodent mindcontrol, AKA dance music.

But here's the last step: Hit up Arkadia February 24 and hand Solveig your CD-R.

Martin Solveig's "Hello" Remix Contest

*As listed on Beatport

Official Stages

1. February 15th - March 7th: Download phase - The remix parts of "Hello" will be available to download until the voting round. The stems are bundled for purchase at $1.99 USD.

2. February 22nd - March 7th: Upload/Submission phase - Upload your remix to During this phase the entries can be listened to, but not voted for.

3. March 8th - March 22nd: Voting phase - The public votes for their favorite remixes by "spinning" them.

Final Rounds And Prizes

Martin Solveig and his team will choose 3 winning remixes to be announced April 5th, 2011, and the public will select the fourth winner on Beatportal. The first place winner will receive a grand prize package of:

1 - Digital release on Mixture

1 - Native Instruments Maschine

1 - Novation SL MKII 61 keys + Novation Launchpad

1 - Arturia Bundle V-Collection + Analog Laboratory

1 - FXpansion Geist and DCAM Synth Squad

1 - Ohmforce ALL ALL bundle

1 - Online Course from the Point Blank Music School

1 - $200 Beatport pre-paid card

1 - Big Beat T-Shirt

1 - 1 year subscription to Future Music Magazine

The second place runner up will receive:

1 - Digital release on Mixture

1 - Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ + Traktor Duo

1 - Novation Launchpad + Novation Dicer

1 - Arturia Analog Laboratory

1 - FXpansion Geist or DCAM Synth Squad

1 - Ohmforce Ohmicide / Quad Frohmage filter bank

1 - Big Beat T-Shirt

The third place runner up will receive:

1 - Digital release on Mixture

1 - Novation Launchpad

1 - Arturia Analog Laboratory

1 - FXpansion Geist or DCAM Synth Squad

1 - Ohmforce Ohmicide

1 - Big Beat T-Shirt

Martin Solveig with Stephan Luke. Sunday, February 27. Arkadia, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The party starts at 11 p.m. and tickets cost $30 via Call 305 674 4690 or visit

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