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Mark McGrath Abandons Ship, Cancels Nineties Nostalgia Cruise

Every morning, there's a halo hanging from the corner of our girlfriend's four post bed. Today, it's soiled in sadness because Mark McGrath, lead singer of Sugar Ray and former Extra co-host, has canceled his Nineties Nostalgia cruise.

Scheduled to depart from Miami in October, the 'Mark McGrath and Friends' was nixed because of poor press surrounding the recent "poop cruise" disaster, reports the LA Times.

"I'm really bummed as well," McGrath tells one fan on Twitter. "That poop cruise did us no favors."

But a missed opportunity to see Sugar Ray at sea isn't the only reason we're personally devastated. We're pissed about the "Sex and Candy" we're going to miss out on courtesy of Marcy Playground and "Walking on the Sun" with Smash Mouth. Both bands were scheduled to be part of the Bahamian adventure.

At least McGrath's taking the cancellation in full stride, joking with fans and all but promising to play their kids' bar mitzvahs as a sign of good faith.

"The recent fiasco sunk us," McGrath quipped on Twitter. "No pun intended!"

He even offered some fans a chance to relive the '90s this summer.

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