Marilyn Manson (Almost) Loses Ear in Fight, Takes 24 Stitches, Avoids "Becoming Van Goth"

Who throws a shoe table? Honestly!

It appears that "The Beautiful People" of Switzerland reacted rather violently to an "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" issued by Antichrist Superstar Marilyn Manson during his recent trip to Basel.

Promoting his latest record, Born Villain, the former South Floridian freak performed at St. Jacob's Hall earlier this week, according to TMZ.

The European nation has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire world. However, in uncharacteristically Swiss fashion, the 43-year-old metal man's trip turned ultra violent when an unidentified individual hit Manson with a table.

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"I was hit by a glass table in a dangerous fight," Manson tweeted. "I was, however, the victor but had to have 24 stitches to keep my ear from becoming Van Goth."

Van Goth, of course, is a play on Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter who -- it's widely believed -- cut off his own left ear in 1888 because he was bat-shit crazy and in love with a prostitute.

Manson, who also paints and has been accused of being bat-shit crazy, followed his tweet with a close-up picture of his stitched-up ear.

We'll keep you posted on his condition as soon as we hear something.

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