Marc Anthony, Will Smith, and Dwyane Wade Get Bromantical for Monday Night Football

In the latest installment of the tawdry superscandal surrounding the simultaneous breakups of long-time celebrity couples Will Smith and Jada Pinkett (maybe not splitting), and Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez (totally definitely splitting), there has been a game-changing development that ensnarls Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade in the scandal's awful tendrils.

Anthony, Smith, and Wade (sounds like a steakhouse) were spotted at last night's Miami Dolphins game against the New England Patriots.

So what Crossfade wants to know is simple: Who's really having an affair here?

The appearance has softened the Google Search results that turn up for Smith and Anthony's names in tandem, which most recently have been held prisoner by a festering stream of gossip.

The story goes that Fresh Prince is feuding with Jenny From The Block's boo over an alleged affair with his Fresh Princess. Word on the web is Will had a sneaking suspicion that his wife of 14 years was shacking up with her HawthoRNe co-star, and snuck home early from a shoot to find the pair "watching a DVD."

Marc Anthony called the rumor "laughable." But what's really laughable is that everyone is missing the (potential) real scandal here: We may have caught Will Smith and Marc Anthony bro-ing down more than anyone could have ever imagined.

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