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Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Other Latin Megastars Doing Tony Bennett's Viva Duets

George W. Bush knew that he had "made a mistake" when he sent troops into Iraq, according Tony Bennett. "He told me personally [at the 2005 Kennedy Center Honors]."

At 86 years old, society sort of gives you a get-out-of-jail-free card. You can say pretty much whatever you want. Outlandish statements are "senior moments and an octogenarian telling a pervy joke is considered cute.

But when Bennett suggested that a sitting President admitted a big-time fuck up, the legendary crooner and WWII veteran was labeled a liar and deemed un-American.

Oh well, he's still a badass. And just one year after sending Fox News into a total Pop Gossip frenzy, Bennett's set to release a new record that's all-American ... Latin American.

It was announced today that Bennett's third Duets record will be released in October and feature multilingual renditions of the singer's most celebrated songs.

"Latin music has always been about melody and harmony and a lot of soul, so there was a very close artistic connection with each duet guest," Bennett said in a statement. "I am absolutely thrilled about the record."

Among the artists who'll be featured on Viva Duets are Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony, singing "Who Can I Turn to?" and "For Once in My Life," respectively. Among others, Juan Luis Guerra, Chayanne, and Vicente Fernández will also appear on the record.

"Each of these artists were so warm and welcoming that there was an instant rapport." Almost like they were all familia.

Well, except that Bennett speaks Spanish like an old Italian dude with a fake, Anglicized name.

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