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Marc Anthony Brings Hillary Clinton Onstage During His Miami Concert

Music and politics have always had a strange relationship. For the most part, its been contentious, like when Neil Young sang about the Kent State shootings on "Ohio," or when Kanye West almost gave Mike Myers a heart attack when he said live on television, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." 

There's Chris Christie's unrequited obsession with Bruce Springsteen, or how about when that poor manchild Paul Ryan told everyone his favorite band was Rage Against the Machine, and was then promptly told to fuck off by Tom Morello. Politics aside, it was hard not to feel bad for Ryan after that one.

But, other times, music and politics merge amicably without conflict. That's what happened at the American Airlines Arena this past Friday when Marc Anthony unexpectedly brought out Hillary Clinton onstage with him during his concert. 


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The whole interaction lasted only a minute or so. Clinton climbed onstage and gave Anthony a hug that made every lady in attendance crush their $12 can of Bud Light in a fit of jealous rage. She waved to the crowd a bit and then walked off stage without a single shake of the hips. "Salsera de corazon!" Anthony shouted as she waved to the crowd one last time, which roughly translates to "someone who loves salsa at heart."

That hugh #marcanthony #hillaryclinton

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Anthony hasn't exactly been silent about the 2016 presidential race. He's taken shots at Trump on Twitter and had some not-so-kind words on stage for the Republican frontrunner who would have probably loved nothing more than to build a very high wall around the AAA on Friday night.
Clinton, on the other hand, who cherishes the Latino vote so dearly it makes Gollum's obsession with that ring seem healthy, tweeted out this after her appearance: "Join Hillary and @marcanthony: Text LATINOS to 47246 to be part of Latinos for Hillary!"

The Latino vote has never been lost on the Clinton campaign, who recently launched a Latinos for Hillary program to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month. And with Bernie Sanders gaining quickly on what was once thought to be an unbeatable Clinton campaign, she may need those votes more than ever.
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