Man Cave Mondays at Rec Room: "A Place Where Boys Can Be Boys"

Fellas, sometimes you just wanna do manly things like crush empty beer cans with your forehead and not get an earful about "growing up" from your girlfriend. Especially during Monday Night Football.

That's why the NFL, booze, Nintendo, scruffy beards, and a whole lotta testosterone take precedence over everything (including female life advice) at Rec Room's Man Cave Mondays.

"Now that football season is back, a lot of guys wanna do something different, other than going to a bar or friend's house," explains party rep Ellie Kouumdjieva.

"It's like a getaway for guys. It's a place where boys can be boys."

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So quite contrary to the whole swanky nightlife vibe Rec Room's got going on, Monday nights offer more of an intimate bar atmosphere, where bros can do whatever it is bros do.

"They're gonna bring in a bunch of old video games. There's a huge screen playing Monday Night Football. You've got bar food, and beer and shot specials. And they're gonna add a pool table," explains Kouumdjieva.

"It's at a nightclub, but it takes place during the evening, and there's no DJ. That's why it's so different."

Rec Room's main bartender Vianney Van Seijen agrees.

"I think that Man Cave Mondays is a great opportunity for us to showcase our space in a different way then the usual weekend setup," Van Seijen says.

"We have this great vibe -- an intimate living room, Rec Room feel -- that lends itself to late-night fun and shenanigans," she adds.

And being that the club is located beneath the Gale Hotel, the party really is like an underground escape for the male species.

"It's a great way for people to get together, watch the football game, and connect playing beer pong, and video games."

Man Cave Mondays. Every Monday. Rec Room, 1690 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The party starts at 6:30 p.m. and admission is free. Call 305-673-0199 or visit galehotel.com/nightlife/.

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