Major Lazer's Thom Yorke Remix, New EP: Stream Them Now!

You probably remember how much we love Major Lazer. After all, our very own Jose D. Duran gave us a visual primer on the duo and clued us in to the art of daggering before its local show this past May 15 at Grand Central.

But now the twosome has slowed it down -- just a little bit -- with their new EP, Lazers Never Die, released yesterday.

It includes t some major collaborations with M.I.A., Collie Buddz, and Lindi Ortega, but perhaps our favorite in the five-track release is the Thom Yorke remix of "Jump Up."

You'll definitely notice some of Radiohead's trademark electronic beats mixed in with our favorite fictional character -- and it sounds more like something you'd sample at an after hours club at 5am, than something you'd hear thumping out of speakers in a random bar.

But you be the judge. Listen to Thom Yorke's remix of "Jump Up" below, or stream the whole EP on their MySpace Page.

Major Lazer - "Jump Up" (Thom Yorke Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome

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