Madonna Meets with Former FARC Hostage in Argentina

Only a week after wrapping up the U.S. version of her Sweet and Sticky tour here in Miami,

Madonna is now making headlines in Latin America. But this time, it's

not just about her closeted romance with slugger Alex Rodriguez.

Yesterday afternoon, Madonna, who is currently in Argentina on tour, met with recently freed Colombian hostage, Ingrid Betancourt,

who spent six years held captive by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of

Colombia (FARC) until this past July. Both women were guests of current

Argentinian president, Christina Kirchner, all three of which are pictured above.


was visiting Argentina to thank it's governement for advocating the

release of political prisoners across Latin America, and to discuss the

plight of those still being held byt the FARC in Colombia. Madonna was

visiting the presedential palace where she famously filmed the movie, Evita, 12 years ago.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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