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Mad Skrews is a Miami-bred, internationally renowned producer and musical entrepreneur who uses the Internet to spread his productions, make money, and make a name for himself. He has produced for local bad bitch Trina and true founder of crunk, Pastor Troy. I caught up with him by e-mail. Here's what he had to say:

"I'm Mad Skrews, producer from Miami. Original born in Colombia, raised

here. I started making music in 11th grade in high school (2001)

messing around with Sound Forge and Fruity Loops as a hobby. In high

school I would listen from Pete Rock to Premier to Prodigy to Steve

Lawler and back to Timbaland as influences and I started emulating the

producers I liked. I've now been producing music at a professional

level for 3 years - 7 years total. With the way things are currently in

my life, and for the past 7 years, being a successful producer is what

I hope to accomplish...."

Full interview continues after the jump.

"Big up to Dro (www.the305.com) and Fillup Banks (www.305hiphop.com) and www.soundclick.com/madskrews and www.rapmusic.com

all the websites that supports independent artists.  I've always been

big on forums related to music.  Through out the years, I've learned

much of what I know because people have taken their time to explain

music production techniques for the good of other producers.  They are

also dope because you can get feedback from people anywhere that'll

help you tweak your sound.  Without them, it'd be a mission to get

people to listen to your music as easily as it is with the internet and


I started out a beat maker, I am now a producer.  The difference is a beat maker makes beats because he/she likes to put sounds together; however, usually not thinking about the song.  Basically, arranges the sound without direction.  The difference between a producer and beat maker is the ability to direct music, both musical/digital and vocals, arrange harmonies for the singer, know what sounds good and what sounds bad - in tune - while trusting your ears.  It wasn't always this way.  I used to make really wack shit and thought it was dope.  I always test my music after I listen to it.  When I finish putting a track together, I chill for 30 minutes, rest the ears, come back and play it. If I don't like it from the very first listen, I'll trash it and make something new.  If I can't captivate my attention in the first listen, how can I pretend to captivate others?  I would say I put myself through a strict guideline of what I want and accepting nothing less.  Anyone looking for beats, leasing/exclusive purchases, custom beats can get at me through my main site at (www.soundclick.com/madskrews) and myspace (www.myspace.com).  Either page plays a variety of styles of beats from dirty south / rnb / commercial / pop / electro pop / and whatever else I through on there.

I've worked with some of the dopest artist down here in Miami and always looking to network with everyone I haven't made a song with yet.  I have produced for Trina, Pastor Troy, Ahmir (America's Got Talent), Selena Serrano (Up in coming pop singer from Miami, look out for her!), Chris Cox (Making the Band), A.G. (DITC), ES (Wrote Beyonce's - Baby Boy), and others.  I would like to work with Amel Larrieux, Jim Jonsin, Poe Boy Camp and anyone that's serious about music.  As far as believing underground, Big up to THC, Rev, LMS, Colossus, Rich Kidd, and anyone that's hustling this music.   

FL, Acid, Sound Forge are what I use the most.  I use VSTs mostly and my collection of sounds from over the years.  I think tweaking your sounds is important.  Not so much what you have but how you use it.  If you don't tweak your sounds, then you're using what everyone else uses.

The leasing business is good.  As you mentioned, soundclick is the largest international independent music site for anyone that wants to post music and have people listen.  Its been good and allowed me to build a fan base of steady listeners and radio stations that play my music on individual member sites.  I've been selling beats since the mp3.com days, 2001 and since 2002 on soundclick.  It is profitable in terms of investment to return.  I pay a few dollars a month and I make a return of 1:20 on average.  I've sold beats to artists in Norway, Netherlands, Spain, England, Sweden, Great Britain, Mexico, South America, other parts of Europe and nation wide from CA to NY through the internet.

I used to go by LISN.  As a kid growing up, I always had an under bite that as I grew older, got worse. I could bite the pizza dough, but never the cheese.  Fuck up huh? Haha...  Used to get stomach aches often and when I was in the Marine Corps, It became too severe and I decided to go through with the surgery.  April 16 '06, I had 6 hour surgery, 17 screws in my face and 3 titanium plates.  After a few weeks home recovering from the surgery, I was in my room all screwed up (pun intended) and I said to myself, "Damn, I got Mad Screws in my face". That's when I knew that Mad Skrews was different enough, didn't sound like anyone else and it was me.

That's a good question.  Before I went to the Marine Corps, an affiliate company to Epic Records offered to fly me in to Chicago and discuss a business deal to sign with them.  I decided that at 17, I wasn't mentally ready and I knew it would've gotten fucked over with how this business works.  This industry is shaky and at 17 I didn't feel I was ready for the mainstream.  I receive emails daily inquiring for beats and like anything, you wade through the bullshit until you get a steady stream of clients that are serious about their music.  Producers work hard, especially those that are critical about their sound, and no one works for free.  Now, I'm always down to network with other talented people.  There's nothing better to me than making good music, that's what it's really all about.  I'm down to collab for the sake of making.  If you got talent, singers/writers/hookzillas/rappers, get at me at madskrews@gmail.com
Before I answer that question, I still have mountains to climb in the music game and understand that it's slow to come.  However, I'm now a level of confidence in my music that all I have to say to those producers still trying to figure out how to mix their beats properly and all that, DON'T STOP!!! Take breaks, but don't ever stop.  Learn compression, basic eq, know your rights as a producer, royalties/points/publishing/basic contract reading because at the end of the day, you need to know anything that has to do with what you do.  If you have the passion inside of you, ride it out for as long as your lucky enough to have it.  I say that because not many people have passion.  And passion is what separates the good from the great.   

Shout out to the whole Miami movement, everyone I've worked with, and everyone I haven't worked with.  If I haven't worked with you, get at me!! If you make Rock/Soul/Rnb/Play in a band, it doesn't matter.. get at me!! Shouts to everyone that is making music, making moves, and doing their thing.  www.the305.com and all the local music web sites. If you are looking for a new sound, radio singles or something different, get at me via email madskrews@gmail.com or hit me up on myspace at www.myspace.com/madskrews.  I'm looking for a manager, serious inquiries only."

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