Mac's Club Deuce's Mac Klein Turns 100: "I've Got a Wife and Business That Keep Me Young"

"Some people turn 100, some don't," says Mac Klein, the man who's been running Mac's Club Deuce for the past 50 years. "What's the big deal?"

Today, Klein will get to blow 100 candles in celebration of his birthday, but to the bar owner, it's just another day.

"I'm lucky," he humbly admits. "I've got a wife who keeps me young and a business that keeps me young. There really isn't much else to say."

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From living through the Great Depression to serving five years in the U.S. Army during World War II to experiencing the Cold War and Red Scare, the bar owner has witnessed some of the most fascinating moments in American history.

On a less dramatic, more local scale, however, Klein has also seen firsthand the evolution of South Beach. While the city has certainly changed over the years, the Club Deuce, which became Mac's the same day his daughter was born, has remained untouched.

"The bar hasn't changed, the city has," the centenarian explains. "When we first started, it was older Jewish people, then club people, then Cubans, now it's like a country within itself."

"The city was more vibrant back then," Klein continues. "There were different personalities, whether it was the Cocaine Cowboys, the Sinatras, you don't see that nowadays."

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