Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man Cruise Preparty at Grand Central Miami October 26

Take another toke, have a blow for your nose, and don't forget to pack your sunscreen. That smell is a good reminder Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man Cruise is just a few days away. And yup, Skynheads, cabins aboard the Norwegian Pearl went quicker than fuel consumption on a chartered Convair CV-300. Hopefully, though, you won't be missing this opportunity to rub elbows with Southern rock royalty in an all-you-can-eat buffet line. (After all, this kind of high-seas hootenanny happens only once a year!) If, however, you did screw up and fail to reserve a room on the Skyn­yrd ship, just do the next best thing: Hit the Walmart to grab Skynyrd's 13th studio record — Last of a Dyin' Breed — and then gun it for Grand Central's Simple Man preparty with Bonepony. Of course, it won't exactly match the simplicity of getting redneck-wasted with the Doobie Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd aboard Norwegian Cruise Line's "newest and luxurious rockin' party ship with a bowling alley [and] climbing wall." But remember, son... all that you need is in your soul. And not on a cruise ship.

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Victor Gonzalez
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