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Lucky Records Finally Brings a Record Store to Wynwood

Lucky Records Finally Brings a Record Store to Wynwood
Courtesy of Lucky Records
Wynwood's transformation from industrial zone and Puerto Rican barrio to hip neighborhood written about in the New York Times travel section is almost complete. Residential buildings are going up, bars and restaurants dot the area, and national brands such as Warby Parker and Shinola have moved in.

Still, the most perplexing thing is that it's taken the neighborhood this long to finally welcome its first record store.

Lucky Records, which will serve as the façade for the Asian food hall concept 1-800-Lucky, will occupy 600 square feet at the front of the property. To access the food stalls in the back, customers must enter through the record store — talk about a captive audience. With more than 2,000 vinyl records in stock, Lucky is curated by Devin Horwitz, founder of the Brooklyn-based hip-hop label Nature Sounds, and local DJ Ynot (AKA Tony Garcia). The store is expected to open on Black Friday, just in time for this month's Record Store Day.

"The record store is going to set the pace of what's going to happen from an entertainment standpoint in [1-800-Lucky]," Horwitz says. "We are not only going to have exclusive releases in the store; we are going to try to bring acts in for signings and performances."

The addition of Lucky brings Miami-Dade's record store total to five. The others are Sweat Records, Yesterday & Today Records, Museo del Disco, and Brooklyn Vintage & Vinyl. The Wynwood shop will carry releases across all genres and carry used and new vinyl.

"We are going to have a large used section," Horwitz says. "Within that used section, there will be everything from rock, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, dance, world music. Those same genres will expand into new releases."

Beyond stocking records, Lucky hopes to work with labels, including local ones, to offer exclusive releases in the hopes of luring visiting DJs and collectors. The store also hopes to become a distribution center for local releases, helping push inventory to record stores outside of South Florida.

In addition, Horwitz says he's been talking to DJs and producers about doing pop-ups in the store where they sell their collections or curate sections.

Lucky will also have a bodega component, selling items such as condoms, cigarettes, and 40-ouncers. This area will stay open later than the record store.

"A DJ who needs a needle or Serato record at 2 a.m. can still come in late at night because the convenience section will still be open," Horwitz says.

Lucky Records. 250 NW 23rd St., Miami; Opens Friday, November 24, which is also Record Store Day Black Friday.
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