Lookout Weekend 'Cuz Here Comes Debbie Deb This Saturday at Transit Lounge

Transit Lounge continues taking you back to the old school this weekend with its '80s Freestyle Series, and the featured performer this Saturday is a heavy hitter indeed ... Debbie Deb!

If you remember the '80s, you know it was impossible to flip on the radio dial and not land on one of this local girl's freestyle anthems, like "Look Out Weekend," or "When I Hear Music."

And you just know the former Miami native is going to tear it up when she returns to the 305. We here at Crossfade recently got the chance to catch up with Debbie Deb before she made the trip down for her date at Transit.

New Times: You're going to be performing at Transit this Saturday as part of the '80s Freestyle Series. What do you think about them putting that together?

Debbie Deb: Of course you know I think it's fantastic! I'm just surprised they waited this long! I've been ready!

I understand you're living in PA, which must be way different from the MIA, where you grew up. You looking forward to coming home and performing?

Whenever I even get the possibility of a Miami show, I will always drop any other plans (if legally able) to get there and see my home sweet home, amazing beaches, great friends, and the best damn Cuban food anywhere!

From your perspective, has freestyle experienced an upswing from the '80s being hot again?

Most def! I've been pretty busy, thank God, for the last 6 years! It's def coming back!

The freestyle era was a very particular moment in music, and you sang some of the genre's biggest hits. What, to you, was the best thing about that time? Or some of your favorite memories?

Going to a lot of house parties! Hanging out on the beach, then hitting all the Miami clubs from back in the day. And of course, we can't forget shuffling at the roller skating rinks in Hialeah.

What have you been up to lately?

I'm the mom of a teenager. I do a lot of East Coast-West Coast traveling for shows. I still do hair part-time during the week. I got married a few years ago and we are still on our honeymoon.

Finally, worst '80s/'90s fashion trend, in your opinion?

Loved them both ... The Madonna thing in the '80s to the cool-ass hip-hop look goin' down in the '90s. I mixed both decades up, and still try to, till this day! It still works at the age of 45! I hope so ... LOL!

Debbie Deb. Saturday, May 21. Transit Lounge, 729 SW First Ave., Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. and there's no cover. Call 305-377-4628 or visit transitlounge.us.

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