Locos Por Juana: "Music Chooses You Before You Choose It... It's a Powerful Weapon"

These guys may be un grupo de locos, but one thing's for sure: they are reggae/Latin/cumbia/fusion badasses.

Locos Por Juana was successful from the start. The release of their debut, self-titled album landed them a Premio lo Nuestro nomination in 2003 for Best Urban Artist.

The second album, Música P'al Pueblo, scored them a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album in 2005, and the third album, La Verdad, released under Universal Music, was nominated for a Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album at the Grammys in 2008.

The dudes recently released their fifth studio album, Somos de la Calle, and are prepping for an upcoming summer tour.

Crossfade caught up with guitarist Mark Kondrat just in time for Locos' June 8 show at Jazid where they will be celebrating the club's 17th anniversary. He revealed who Juana is, the challenges of the music biz, and the band's special bond with Jazid.

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