Local Soulful Songstress Karina Iglesias Plays Kitchen 305 on August 5

Locally born and bred songstress Karina Iglesias has got more soul than a sock with a hole -- one listen to her music gives that away. Songs from the singer-songwriter's repertoire traverse R&B, funk, and beyond, while remaining smooth but down to earth. Her sultry, throaty vocal style easily navigates the crisp, funk-infused guitar work, playfully bobbing bass lines, and bright horns of original songs like "The Way," off her recent eponymous debut album. "Whatever You Want," meanwhile, displays her chops in a completely different arena, with a foray into the pop-house arena.

But smooth as butter neo-soul is where  Iglesias truly shines. Downtempo and mournful ballads like "Good For Me," "Make A Little Room" and "It's Not Easy" are reminiscent of Alicia Keys, while the midtempo funk and R&B fusion of "Stand In The Light" and "Change" are redolent with traces of India.Arie and Erykah Badu.

Iglesias truly shines, though, onstage. While her studio vocal work is resplendent, live is where it really shimmers -- a good thing, since she is, lately, gigging nonstop on the local circuit.

Karina Iglesias performs at Kitchen 305 inside the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort along with Samantha Natalie on Wednesday, August 5 for the "Soultry Nights" party. There's no cover. 16701 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach. 305-749-2110; and

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Christopher Lopez