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Local Music: YNG - "Pit Stop"

It seems like


(pronounced Why-En-Gee) is the new kid on the block. The best way to describe him is that he's a smooth type of emcee with a

little consciousness mixed with a youthful

frame of thought.

He's a new member of #TheNewMiami movement, and has a unique appeal to him, too. His mixtape NoSleepTillBoogie will be available this November, and should definitely serve as a basis of what to expect from YNG in the coming years.

He released a video trailer for the mixtape not too long ago with a couple of visuals of the recording process and just hanging around having fun. (Click here to watch).

To give us a full taste of what to expect on NoSleepTillBoogie,

YNG released a song called "Pit Stop," which is also partially featured

in the video trailer above. But the song itself is produced by

Denver-based producer Kajmir Royal, who gives the production a very

Kanye West circa College Dropout kind of feel, vocal soul

sample and all. And YNG's nonchalant tales of everyday guy normality

only add on to that Kanye-like aura.

There's a little pause between the two verses on the song, but no hook whatsoever. Just straight rhymes courtesy of YNG:

"I turn tragedy to triumph, a hater to liar

A Christian to a sinner, David to Goliath ...

Not a word, I need silence ...

I need weed, pretty girls ... a clear conscious

A couple hood niggaz around me that I can vibe with

Couple guns around me if ever it gets violent

Never met a label with trust in that I could sign with."

YNG shows a lot of promise. And if "Pit Stop" isn't enough to convince you, he may also reveal another new track from NoSleepTillBoogie later tonight via his Twitter. Until then, check out "Pit Stop" below.

YNG - "Pit Stop"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.