Local Music Review: New Singles and Reissues From Forward Motion Records

This week on Crossfade, we've been taking a look at a number of recent releases from local label Forward Motion Records, headed by Fernando Perdomo. Here's the last of the round-up.

Jorge Moreno
"Thank You" (single)

This single is culled from his upcoming English-language debut, Grammy Award-winner Jorge Moreno makes a powerful case for his crossover appeal. Boasting a an irresistibly infectious hook and Perdomo's pop-perfect production, "Thank You" becomes an unabashed expression of gratitude that breaks the mold in this unsettling age of misery and misfortune. "Thank you for my life/The struggles and happiness/and my beautiful wife," Moreno coos in that chorus. It's hard to resist such effusive sentiment, and indeed, after only a single spin it's all but impossible to feel anything other than inspired.

Omine Eager
"Hail Mary"

Eager is one sassy lady, as one might expect given her surname. Not surprisingly then, "Hail Mary" makes for one ornery indictment, a raucous rant that demands immediate attention. A rowdy, no-nonsense indictment of hypocrisy and false pretense, it sounds like something that might otherwise inspire a barroom brawl. And it's delivered with no small measure of invective, cynicism and sarcasm. Eager emulates the cool and confidence of Chrissie Hynde, but her arched attitude is conveyed with an insurgent attitude all her own.

Dreaming In Stereo
Dreaming in Stereo

Re-released with the addition of a live track not included on the original release, Dreaming in Stereo's eponymous debut makes a welcome return under Perdomo's own auspices. New Times selected the record as one of the best local releases from 2009, and this revamped version further affirms that praise. That's thanks to richly padded arrangements that draw generously from such apparent influences as the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Queen, ELO and the Moody Blues.

With its sumptuous hooks and instantly infectious melodies, Dreaming In Stereo sounds like a greatest-hits collection somehow sprung from only a single album. Here, Perdomo affirms his prowess as, essentially, a one-man band. But he also proves he possesses both the instincts and savvy to someday stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the most revered pop prophets, Brian Wilson and Todd Rundgren among them. That's quite the company, but Perdomo's proved he's both gifted and deserving of it.

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