Local Motion: Homestretch - Purgatory


I would like to open this review by going on record and stating that bass player Jonathan Suarez has been threatening my livelihood for many years now concerning his bizarre belief that I OWE him my "vintage" Cavity t-shirt. This is a lie. But I must also be a "vintage" Cavity - T - shirt - owning adult and give musical credit where credit is due. 

Homestretch energizes me. They remind me of a simpler era in my life where power-violence was the rule and not only was I in bands but I had a full set of fucking hair! So here's the veritable passing of the torch to you, fuckers!

This is thrashy punk rock with liberal doses of hardcore that are firmly planted in a heavy metal education. Think Apt. 213, Noothgrush, most of the shit on Satan's Pimp Records with maybe some Charles Bronson thrown in for good measure. It's all blended in a large pot (pun intended) of Neurosis and Damad. Am I namedropping cuz I'm old? Nah baby, these guys know what they are doing and it is a huge disservice to the local scene that we here at New Times Holdings slept on our laurels while these fuckers were scorching Miami.

There are nine tracks here, clocking in somewhere near the twenty-three minute mark of uncompromising far-flung fringes of excess. Sycophant? Did you mothers just call me one? Fuck! I just handed over the fucking torch! From opener "Daybreak" to existentialist "Bhairava" to the slower-tempo ecclesiastical tirade of "Azazel" (I'm kidding, there's no prognosticating here, just youthful rage), this album works well because it is thought out.

From soon-to-be-remanded-by-court Jonathan Suarez on bass, Brian Ray on drums, Peter Allen on guitars and the Banshee-wails of George Geanuracos on vocals, this album is not an afterthought, where many of the aforementioned comparisons could have faulted; these guys bring a sniper's eye to the genre. New 7" record out now that will be dutifully and respectfully (my t-shirt notwithstanding) reviewed within these pages soon and no dickie, you're still not getting my fucking t-shirt. Huzzah!

Oh! And the disc comes in a cute cardboard sleeve with a nice insert. Pick it up! Huzzah! (Again!)

Homestretch - Leave your sister outside, these be some ugly (but good) mofos!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.