Local Motion

Call It Radar

The Longevity of Flight (self-released)


I was a big fan of the summertime bubblegum diabetic shocks that came through the speakers courtesy of the now-deceased local outfit Baby Calendar. So when former band member Tom Gorrio put another outfit together, I fucking listened. Taking the proven methods of BC, along with its drummer Arik Dayan, Call It Radar blends the pop formula with a bigger taste for orchestral experimentation. The six songs on this EP kick ass. Period. "Arrows," "Staying Alive," and "In the South" are flawless. So where's my beef? I'll tell ya: Since ripping the ceiling off The Vagabond a couple of weeks ago, Call It Radar has decided to call it quits so individual members can pursue solo musings. Whatever. I'm convinced they will find each other again soon enough and will have another clever moniker to wave around. In the meantime, get this disc.


Days Will Go By (self-released)


The band on this eight-track recording comprises Alejandro Salazar on guitar, Chris Riveron on drums, Edward Davis on bass, and Joseph Espinoza on guitar. The latter two both lend their vocal skills to the effort. The opener, "Unbreak [Subconscious]," followed by the harder-edged albeit slightly funkier "Not Breakin' It Through," plant these guys in the alternative rock order, but they differ from the crowd with some nice touches on the harmonics and instrumentation. Think Call and Response, with the more abrasive moments of The Bad Plus, but with urban appeal. Okay, you can't really make heads or tail out of that comparison, but Outereach is good live, so catch this group that way.

Roach Motel

Worstest Hits (Destroy Records)


If you know your Florida punk rock, you'll know the mighty Roach Motel, the Sunshine State's highly un-PC answer to Minor Threat. This CD compiles pretty much every RM song recorded (plus a Grand Funk Railroad cover), with the notable exclusion of the band's classic "Wetback." Oh well, you can't win 'em all. These are 20 raging hardcore numbers totaling 33 minutes of earsplitting anger the way the good Lord meant it. Led by psycho Steve Albini­–look-alike Bob Fetz, the band is helmed at the guitars by local resident Drug Czars member Jeff Hodapp and NYC über-punk-rock writer George Tabb of Maximum Rock n Roll and Furious George fame. Thrash about to Floridian gems such as "I Hate the Sunshine State," "Florida Reptile Land," "Brooke Shields Must Die," "Mom Likes Drugs," "Death Squad," and "I Wanna Keep My Gun." This album is crucial to your collection. Leather jacket time!

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