Local Bands Contribute to a Multimedia Video and Photography Exhibit on May 20

Bands like Locos Por Juana, Arboles Libres, Omine Eager, AT Molina, Vincent Raffard, The State Of, Ketchy Shuby, Jan Sebon Jose Elias, Elsten Torres, Xperimento, Bayonics, and Michelle Forman started donating one hour of their time every Tuesday at the Easter Seals of South Florida Memory Gym to perform for Alzheimer's patients there and engage them with their music starting this past January.

Patients stomped their feet and danced to punk, rock, reggae, hip-hop and deep soul, and local filmmakers and photographers have documented the magic leading up to Local Impact's multimedia exhibit, taking place next Thursday, May 20th at the Miami Science Museum. Local Impact's "Medicine to Rock Your Soul" will also feature live music from some of the bands involved in the program.

See a video of the music therapy session with Locos Por Juana after the jump.

"Medicine to Rock Your Soul," Thursday May 20th, at 7:30 p.m. Miami Science Museum, 3280 S. Miami Avenue. miamisci.org

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