Lil Wayne's Strip Club Power Lunches and Other Predictions for His New Lifestyle Website

Whether he's being denied access to the Oklahoma City Thunder game or pulling Nicki Minaj out of Summer Jam, there's never a dull moment in Lil Wayne's life.

He is undeniably one of hip-hop's most colorful characters and, beginning next week, he'll become one of the game's most transparent moguls.

According to MTV, Weezy's friend DJ Scoob Doo is launching a new website next week, Bread Over Bed, that will feature exclusive, behind-the-scenes moments with Wayne in his working environment.

"The reason why I don't stop is because of me," Weezy tells MTV. "The reason why I don't sleep is because of me. The reason why I don't take breaks is because of me. I don't have to. It's natural."

So what can we expect from Bread Over Bed? Here are three predictions.

Skateboard Assaults

Weezy loves to skate. And after a hard day of chasing paper, there's nothing more relaxing than a quick session. But when some d-bag photog decides to ruin Wayne's kick-flip by snapping a few quick pics, homie loses his shit.

Find out how the rapper reacts on Bread Over Bed.

Redefined Business Attire

Alright, he's not a billionaire, but Lil Wayne is still paid. However, an estimated net worth of just under $100 million doesn't mean you have to dress like a Wall Street banker.

Weezy likes to dress comfortably when he's making moves. The Young Money boss prefers sweatpants to khakis, skate shoes over loafers. And like any businessman, dude needs to keep his clothes looking fly; we're guessing he's got a full-time staff ironing his sweats and polishing those sneaks.

Power Lunches at King of Diamonds

Conventional lunch meetings are overrated. When Young Money goes for a midday meal, they hit up strip joints and pop Cristal. Best of all, it's a tax write-off.

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