Lil Wayne vs. ¡Mayday!: Download "On Fire" Before the Hurricane Comes

With Lil Wayne's street date -- November 5, bitches! -- only 41 days away, the world better start preparing for a monsoon deluge of strange and skeezy spitting over spacey creep beats. Now, we've already been warned about Mr. Carter's plans to make it rain with I Am Not a Human Being, Tha Carter IV, and arena-exploding prison release parties.

So, man, if you were worried about stuff like global warming, the melting of ice caps, and epic flood, it's time to shift the focus of your emergency planning to Hurricane Weezy. It's a monster motherfucking cyclone. You're gonna need a lifeboat, some water purification tablets, and a hot glock.

An early stirring of the storm: Miami crew ¡Mayday!'s remix of their collabo, "On Fire," with Cash Money's human typhoon. Get the download after the cut.

MP3: Lil Wayne -- "On Fire" (Remixed by and featuring ¡Mayday!)

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