Lil Wayne Teaches Us How to "Throw That Dick"

Forget learning how to "Dougie," it's all about the "Throw That Dick," hip-hop's latest dance craze.

Just in time for summer, a video of Lil Wayne and 16-year-old Young Money artist Lil Chuckee debuting the "Throw That Dick" dance at a live performance and gratuitously thrusting their pelvises in front of a seemingly sold-out club crowd has surfaced.

By press time, about 122,000 people had already seen Weezy's dancing dick on one of several YouTube videos and about 130 folks had left comments.

Peep the video after the cut.

"I would like to "throw that dick for you," Weezy's heard saying. "Give me a beat, DJ."

A song begins and Wayne starts thrusting, almost simulating doggy style sex. After throwing the dick about seven times, Weezy takes a quick breather before gyrating for ten seconds straight.

"Do it daddy dick," writes one commenter. "I love that man."

Naturally, "slapping that ass" follows after you "throw that dick." And Weezy simulates six ass smacks against the invisible woman he was pretending to have sex with on stage and then the YMCMB boss goes back to gyrating.

"He is dancing like a girl," writes a rather close-minded, potentially closeted commenter. "Promotion [sic] of homosexuality is not right."

After a few more seconds of dick throwing, Weezy busts an imaginary nut and impregnates the dance community with the raunchiest dance move of 2012.

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