Lil Wayne Sued by Rich Rick Over "How to Love," His Worst Single Ever

TMZ is reporting that Birdman's baby, Weezy "F", is being sued by rapper Rich Rick over the beat to Wayne's recent ex-lax-smooth single "How To Love."

The beat was part of a recording suite cooked up by rap production team Drummer Boyz, and spanning instrumentals written from 2006 to 2009. According to Rich Rick, the producers sold the track to Lil Wayne in November of 2010 for 35 percent of the song's royalties.

Considering this is Weezy we're talking about, we'd imagine that would amount to around ten million spacebucks.

So now Rich Rick is on a suing spree. His attorneys are going after Drummer Boyz and Lil Wayne, demanding everybody cough up their cut of the single's revenue, plus 10 percent interest for damages.

Look, guys (Rich Rick, Drummer Boyz, and Lil Wayne, respectively): we know there's a lot of money on the table, and your minds. But have any of you actually sat down and listened to this song? Are you all Grade A weenies?

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