Lil Wayne, Pitbull Video Director David Rousseau Launches New Rock Division

The era of the big-budget rock video seems distant indeed. Actually, the era of the big-budget video for any genre seems distant, save for a few megawatt hip-hop and pop productions. Still, the best directors are adapting their style to smaller budgets and even smaller (laptop) screens. And instead of killing the video industry, sites like YouTube seem to be renewing everyone's ingenuity -- especially for rock artists. (OK Go, anyone?)

At the same time, bona fide, non-prefab rock acts now doing well -- the Decemberists currently boast the country's number-one album, after all (and we're grabbing sweaters for Hell). 

So it's wise that local director David Rousseau is now expanding his CreativeSeen brand and launching a special division just for rock videos, dubbed, simply, CreativeSeen Rocks. Especially because despite the biggest projects for which he's known, Rousseau's musical taste is wide. "I'm a huge rock fan," he says. "Rock music is making a great comeback. There are a lot of new talented bands and artists, and there's a lot of excitement on our part surrounding that." 

For the new division he's teamed up with pal Fabio Jafet, a fellow director and editor who's worked with Skid Row and KISS. The two previously worked together to create the video for Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me," which boasts some 160 million YouTube views to date. 

It bears pointing out that despite the star's super-fame, Rousseau's video for Lil Wayne's "I'm not A Human Being," for instance, was shot in a few hours and finished with the rapper in prison. So this kind of flexibility and creativity in the face of constraints should serve him well with a new, more possibly restrained set of clients. 

CreativeSeen Rocks officially launches in February. In the meantime, enjoy this recent CreativeSeen creation, the video for Pitbull's "Bon, Bon." It's an example of Rousseau opting for simplicity with a high-gloss finish. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.